No plans this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve assembled a small list of possible stuff to do’s the forthcoming weekend.

Make sure you find the time to:

1. Enjoy a cup good cup of coffee. It’s as simple as that. Denmark is definitely a coffee consuming nation, and Copenhagen is known to be quite the “Mekka” for coffee enthusiasts in Denmark. Thus, Copenhagen contains myriads of cafés, places and spaces where you can enjoy a nice cup of mocha!
At CPHmade, we have fallen in love with the Ice Latte from our friends at Coffee Collective. This chilled beverage serves perfect as a ready-to-drink thirst-quencher in the sun. Definitely recommendable!

2. Enjoy a midday snack. It’s weekend. Forget about diets and other restrictions you might have.  As a midday snack we’d suggest that you stop by the infamous hotdog stand, Johns Hotdog Deli right next to Copenhagen’s central station.
Besides serving the classic danish, open hotdog – John’s Hotdog Deli distribute a wide range of intriguing and refreshing interpretations of the classic hotdog. To mention a few, the authentic hotdog stand offers hotdogs served with unusual “toppings”, such as pineapple salsa, tzatsiki  and pickles added with ramson.
Make sure to stop by for a mouthwatering piece of danish history on Bernstorffsgade.

3. Rest. Now you’ve had a nice cup of coffee, a midday snack. To make the best possible use out of Copenhagen in the summer, we highly suggest that you chill out in one of Copenhagen’s many beautiful parks. An office favorite is the quite underrated park “Østre Anlæg”.
The old park is situated right next to the National Gallery of Denmark, and its picturesque surroundings makes this park the perfect place for chilling out in the afternoon.

4. Consume some art. End your afternoon, by discovering the new generation of visual artists. Thirty six newly graduates from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Visual arts are currently exhibiting their final projects in the gallery Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The exhibition mainly serves as a presentation of new talents within the world of visual arts, and is the results of developmental and educational processes preceding the graduation. The final exhibition features a wide range of art forms including video, painting, performances and novels. The degree exhibition runs through the 11th of August.

5. Enjoy a nice meal. The weekends (hopefully) leave time to relax and enjoy some nice food. Whether you’ve got the time to cook yourself or not, Copenhagen’s food market, Torvehallerne got you covered. The inexhaustible pantry offers every possible ingredient you need for a great home cooked meal, and if you haven’t got the time for home cooking, Torvehallerne also offers plenty of mouthwatering ready-to-eat solutions.
This Saturday and Sunday, Torvehallerne is hosting a French market, where you can experience the French parallel to Tapas, the aperitifs.
If you plan on going, CPHmade highly recommends the Confit de Canard Sandwich from the stall “Ma Poule”. Go Fetch!