Founder and owner Mr. Mikkel Willumsen says:

Hello – my name is Mikkel Willumsen. Beside playing music all my life (sing, Playing The blues Harp and Congas and all kind of percussion) I have been a Pro custom knifemaker for 10 years located in the heart of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I graduated in 2000 as teacher in metal and woodwork, and decided after my graduation that knifemaking should be my future. I already got the interest for knives as a child and collected many different kinds of knives back then. I am specialized in folding knives, fixed blades and balisongs. Further to these items I make kitchen knives.

I am primarily influenced by design that is function and quality based, therefore I use the best material for my knives. My style is tactical and I use the name Urban Tactical for my work. I get my inspiration from classical designs mixed with modern tactics. To give you an idea one of my customers told me recently that my knives look like a Hummer and built like a tank!!! Feel free to mail me for any further questions!

Mikkel Willumsen 
Nyrnberggade 23
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 2118 2116