Organic wheat grass

Since 2008, Corey’s Wheatgrass has set a high standard for wheat grass production in Scandinavia, and delivered live, fresh wheat grass for our customers everywhere in Denmark, both for home and business customers. Joe & the juice, Sticks & Sushi and Discovery Channel are just some of the companies that have benefited from our Wheatgrass. Our trays of fresh Wheatgrass looks just as delicious like juice tastes, and will certainly arouse curiosity and start conversations. The green leaves invites and entices you to take your first shot.

Our organic Old wheat from the Nordic Gene Bank gives the soft and concentrated green juice, which only fresh Wheatgrass can. The mild flavor of this type of wheat grass provides a great shot, but it also tastes great mixed with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Fresh Wheatgrass is a great complement to a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Corey’s Wheatgrass

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