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In our day to day blog stories, we hope to thrill and inspire the readers with exiting news from Copenhagen craftsmen, about Scandinavian Design and present the products that truly deliver on heritage, expectations and quality all supplied from the Cold North.

Between seasons news doesn’t travel as fast as in the beginning of a new season. But today we are happy to announce that another season of great products in the living category is soon to be presented – the AW14 collections.

During the latest months we have been presented to what we see as very promising collections from our esteemed members and craftsmen, and we look forward to bring these on the blog as the season develops.

As a brief teaser we can reveal that Place de Bleu has decided to design a basic category below the already acknowledge tier 0 and 1 product range. Making the range wider and more affordable without loosing quality or story behind.

Look out for all the great products from Place de Bleu in a store near you or right here on our blog.

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