The one-woman company TRAUM – designs and produces unique bags and containers in unusual shapes, colors and materials. A TRAUM bag or container is often unconventional either by the choice of method, the design, the material or the purpose.

For instance the SKOK: A container designed for men and their contents of pockets: Phones, keys, wallet, coins placed and sometimes misplaced. A beautiful shape inspired by an artichoke, cut out of one piece of Spanish grain leather and assembled with a leather cord. So simple – so obvious – so needed.

Or the bags produced without the use of thread or the TRAUM bag strap that works both as a lock, a shoulder strap and a cross strap used by cyclists carrying their bag on the back.

TRAUM is bags and containers that last for long and gest more beautiful by age. TRAUM is pieces that you keep and carry as sculptures or jewelry, pieces that keeps their value because they identify your statement of chosen something unique.

You are always welcome to visit me. Just call me or send me an email.

Lise Grue


Øster Farimagsgade 75

Dk – 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel: +45 31162046