Summer has finally blessed us with its presence, and we’re now ready for the tourist season in Copenhagen. You’ve might already seen myriads of tourists driving around town in large busses, occupying the sidewalks with satisfied looks on their faces, and with good reason! We DO have an extraordinary city to show the world, I mean who doesn’t fancy a cold draft beer in Nyhavn, a late night walk around the lakes or a just pure relaxation in one of Copenhagen’s many beautiful parks?
First time visitors in Copenhagen probably have a pretty tight schedule of must see attractions on their visit in our city. I’m quite sure you all know what kinds of attractions I’m talking about, none mentioned none forgotten.
But is Copenhagen only worth visiting once? If so – what can we do to establish a newer narrative about Copenhagen?

An ongoing debate in Denmark clearly suggests that we’re simply not good enough to distribute what kind of city Copenhagen is – and what you can buy exclusively in our city.
The global financial crisis’ massive impact has resulted in a drastically increased competition on the tourist market, and capitals all over the world are competing to attract as many tourists as possible, to retain businesses and jobs. So how does a small capital like Copenhagen compete with larger capitals around the world? We simply need to separate us from the majority of  other capitals. Show the world something more than the little mermaid.

Tourism 2.0 in Copenhagen

In a fierce competitive market like tourism, we at CPHmade find it sad that we’re not good enough to show the world what Copenhagen has to offer.
For over a year, we’ve had our eyes peeled on local craftsmen in Copenhagen, and to say the least we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the positive business activities in the city’s growth layer.
To kindly remind tourists about what Copenhagen is and what you can get exclusively in our city, we recently initiated the project CPHmade Guided Tours.
The project is a new angle on tourism, and as the name suggests, CPHmade Guided Tours is variety of guided tours, where you can experience what’s made in Copenhagen. During the tours, you’ll become acquainted with numerous passionate craftsmen from the city, who all produce unique products in the highest quality possible.

Since we launched the CPHmade Guided Tours, the project has been the center for a great deal of attention from a broad perspective, and we’ve already hosted several guided tours with great success.
By popular demand, we’ve decided to host a DAILY CPHmade Guided Tour.
Every weekday (Monday – Friday) from the 3rd of June – 13th of September, you’ll have the chance of joining us on a tour around town, where we will introduce you to different craftsmen in the city.
Every tour starts off at 10.00 sharp, and the meeting point is always:

Nytorv 3
1450 CPH K.

By initiating this new angle on tourism in Copenhagen, we sure hope that our city  will exude clearly exudes what’s uniquely Copenhagen.
Find more information about the CPHmade DAILY Guided Tour right here, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions.