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If you are among the many who visited us in our Tivoli SHOP, these lovely girls have probably caught your eye. Covered only by the fantastic ties by Søren Skifter, the lovely “tie-girls” are actually strongly inspired by one of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist attraction, the Little Mermaid. Instead of The Little Mermaid’s fishy tail, the tie-girls are elegantly dressed in ties by Søren Skifter.

As the photo reveals, one of the girls are wearing a woolen tie, and particular the woolen ties we carry in our SHOP has a great story to tell. The woolen ties are actually an exact remake of some of the very first designs by Søren Skifter in 1919. Designed more than 94 years ago, the pattern design the shapes and the choice of material is still the same in this fantastic re-make. Subtle colours and a timeless cut.

The ties, shirts and bow ties are running fast as Christmas is slowly approaching, so make sure to swing by our shop and secure yourselves a piece of local production history!

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