Exclusive dresses with focus on craftmandship, quality, and fashion

Thorseng Lærche’s Modesalon is placed at Kongens Have, downtown Copenhagen,  where you will find a very elegant ”dressing room”. Here all the designs come to life and Ms. Lærche’s haute couture models are fitted to perfection in excuisited materials of the highest quality.

Susse Thorseng Lærche has been an entrepreneurial dressmaker for 20 years, during which she has created individual models to a concious clientel  with specific demands for craftmandship, quality, and design.

The individual and perfect fit, high quality, and elegance are all contributive to making a women appear stylish and beautifully dressed. 

Thorseng Lærche’s modesalon
Ved Susse Thorseng Lærche
Kronprinsessegade 15
DK – 1306 København K
Tel: +45 3026 4531