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What is the right gift? And what is a nice present anyway?

We have just been through the holiday season, where the number one biggest achievement is to get it right – meaning getting the right present for the one you love. Most of us struggle and many of us are through the full register of feelings both finding the right present and when giving away this special present. Is it going to be the right one?

To some it has to be well thought of, to others it has to be big and expensive – and to some – all of the above. But the trend point in the direction of ‘special’ – yet again, what does ‘special’ mean?

‘To us at CPHmade adding value to a product means that the product are  great design,well crafted, with a awesome story and made by a local artisan.’

The local hero in this feature is a vivid designer and a true craftsman. The story behind Jeweler Mads Heindorf is absolutely one to remember. As a young apprentice he did something rather creative – he simply hired one of the best Jewelers in town, to teach him the skill set as both designer and business man. As Mads’ is gifted creative skills master and apprentice got pr and accreditation from the very beginning.

Today Mads Heindorf Jewellery is well established and delivers creations to a huge range of incredible individuals within the general better establishment.

Even though most of his creations are solid, thick and heavy this latest range shows Mads Heindorf as the creator that meet the trends combining leather and petite. Not leaving out his perceived core brand element – RAW.


necklace by mads heindorf

The necklace comes in different price points – hence every wallet can click home a nice piece from the young master himself.

This hopefully point to the fact that it is possible to buy a well thought off gift that comes with an extraordinary and exciting story behind…

Want is the best gift you ever bought?



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