When we started out CPHmade network in September 2011 two of our very first members were Nørrebro Bryghus and Sømods Bolcher. Two very different companies, one a brewery the other a candy producer. But still they found each other and saw a potential cooperation.

So today let us present the very first CPHmade product, the Kongen af Danmark beer – based on a sweet called Kongen af Danmark from Sømods Bolcher. Kongen af Danmark is a sweet well-tasting Belgian inspired ale – the taste has been developed in close cooperation with Sømods Bolcher.

The beer will be presented at the upcoming beer festival in Copenhagen from 10-12 May. Here of course you can get the chance to taste the beer.

Beer Ambassador Kasper Larsen from Nørrebro Bryghus says:

’CPHmade was the catalyst for our new Kongen af Danmark beer. CPHmade brought us together with Sømods Bolcher, and when we met the idea of the Kongen af Denmark beer was born.

We are very happy with the result and certainly also on working together with Sømods Bolcher, and we now are looking forward to how beer enthusiast and our customers will receive this new beer.

Actually our relationship with Sømods Bolcher has been so successful that we have now also developed a hop based candy – which we also present at the upcoming beer festival’.

Here at CPHmade we clap our hands about this successful cooperation between two of our members. And we look forward to tasting the beer at the beer festival in Copenhagen. Of course we are also proud that we have a small share in Kongen af Danmark – by bringing together Nørrebro Bryghus and Sømods Bolcher.

Let this be the start for many more new exciting CPHmade products.