Through the times, a lot of kind words have been said and written about the Danish fashion designer, Stasia. For over twenty years she has been dressing a wide range of Danish and foreign celebrities, brides, Baronesses so beautiful that you could hear joyful sighs across the country.

Stasia it known to be the country’s leading “clothing psychologist”, simply because she within a short amount of time is able to find exactly the taste that meet each client’s individual dreams and expectations.

Furthermore, Stasia is also been known for being a perfectionist and a fashion queen, probably due to to the fact that she is extremely devoted to deliver the perfect dress to her customers.

Stasia’s assortment includes: Bridal and wedding dresses, Cocktail dresses, Business wear and much more.

Kgs. Nytorv 18A
DK – 1050 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 3315 1744