The past years have made it clear for us: Sustainable is the new black! Lots of our members here at CPHmade confirm this statement and we are proud to present them to you.

Sort Slips Hvidt Slips is one great example of sustainable craftsmanship. Make sure you remember the name because they are preparing the opening of a new store in Copenhagen and you are invited to attend the event!

sort slips hvidt slips poster event invitation opening new store cphmade

Sort Slips Hvidt Slips is an art & craft supply store, run by fashion designer Victoria Ladefoged and graphic designer Rikke Nogel. What is most interesting about it is the sustainable approach to clothing design that they promote and their style inspired by traditional menswear. The name (en.: Black Tie White Tie) is emphasizing the classical elements and details they use on their tailoring, by using only neutral colors on their clothes. Compiling everything from the materials used to the distinct aesthetics of the collections, Sort Slips Hvidt Slips are standing out as great producers of sustainable fashion.

So be there, March the 15th and join the event on Skindergade 24, from 16:00!