Sort Slips Hvidt Slips was started by fashion designer Ms. Victoria Ladefoged and graphic designer Ms. Rikke Nogel.
Sort Slips Hvidt Slips (meaning Black Tie White Tie) creates clothes made to measure as well as wooden figures.
Old discarded textiles are being transformed into sustainable clothing.
Our collections consists of women’s and men’s clothing designed in a graphical cut inspired by
traditional menswear and tailor-added classic details. Our clothing line was founded from a
great love for old washed-linen and worn white sheets.

Our collections are made by various discarded cotton materials, such as
discarded linens, serving aprons and hospital gowns etc., thoroughly washed and cleaned and supplied by “De Forenede Dampvaskerier”. The recycling element adds history to our collections.

All production takes place in Copenhagen, with small orders at a time, making our production both environmentally friendly and offers an individual and unique style.