In a modern society, where nearly every aspect of everyday life is digitized you’d suspect that physical objects like paper and books are on their last legs of life. People all over the world have embraced e-readers and tablets, leaving physical books with a “death sentence” in the near-future.
Even though it seems like a gloomy outlook for physical, published books,
we actually still have craftsmen in Copenhagen who uphold traditions within bookbinding.
At CPHmade, we feel quite privileged to have not only one, but TWO traditional bookbinders in our network, who both offers superb quality of bookbinding.
Today we would like to introduce you to one of our two bookbinders, the talented bookbinder Klara K.
Klara is one the youngest bookbinders in Denmark, and from her combined workshop and shop in the charming city area Christianshavn, Klara is doing all kinds of bookbinding in exquisite quality.
In the video below, you are invited to experience a typical day at Klara K’s workshop. Sit back and enjoy a truly beautiful, and analog, way of working in 2013.

[vimeovideo url=60692761]