Some of you may remember that our member Rud Rasmussen was about to open a second shop in Copenhagen, and we are pleased to inform you that you can now also experience the work of Rud Rasmussen on Bredgade in Copenhagen!
The old joinery and shop, which practises proud traditions of furniture design, has been situated on Nørrebrogade 45 since 1876 and still practices high quality of craftsmanship on the address. Even though Rud Rasmussen is running a quite successful and popular business; the family owned business decided to join forces with another Danish furniture production company, Carl Hansen & Son, with the purpose of getting more exposure and increase their export abroad.
Earlier on, Carl Hansen & Son had a flagship store, which was situated in the city area Valby, but Carl Hansen & Son has been looking for new spaces to display the art of furniture design for quite some time. Now the search for new store space is over, and we are pleased to inform you that Rud Rasmussen is now part of the new Carl Hansen & Son FLAGSHIP store in Copenhagen, on Bredgade 21 in the inner city area of Copenhagen.

In the new flagship store, you will be able to see and experience the designs from renowned Danish shape makers like Hans J. Wegner, Mogens Koch and Kaare Klint.
To pay their respect towards Rud Rasmussen’s extraordinary craftsmanship, Carl Hansen & Son decided to dedicate the 1st floor in the flagship store to products crafted by Rud Rasmussen. In the special Rud Rasmussen universe you can experience designs like the Safari Chair by Kaare Klint, and bookcases from Mogens Koch.
Make sure to drop by the astonishing shop on Bredgade 21!

Carl Hansen & Son Flagship Store

Bredgade 21

1260 Copenhagen K