New must-have book alert! “Rock the Shack” – the newest release by Gestalten on architectural design of “cabins, cocoons and hide-outs” –  is out now and it features two of our members! Find out who they are below.

Rock the Shack CPHmade Griffenshop Eentileen architecture design houses cocoons

Written and edited by S. Ehmann and S. Borges, ”Rock the Shack” is presenting to us everything “from weekend homes to get-away cabins” and is an unspoken invitation to relaxation out in the nature. It is simultaneously a collection of the most basic to the finest, yet most compelling, furnished cabins, cottages and shelters, tree houses and even cocoons, crafted by the most talented architects. The book is focused on unique geographic locations, that compile individual, distinct places, put under the light by the exceptional furnishing they come together with.

Featured in the book you will find the ”Mormor kaffebord” (En.: ”Grandma’s coffee table”) and the ”Pendel 1” lamp, designed by Griffenshop, and Eentileen’s unconventional construction-concepts of houses.

For a closer insight on the book’s content, here is a link to the book.

Gestalten has also released a new book on Scandinvian Homes, Interiors & Design, called ”Northern Delights”, in which Eentileen and Griffenshop are featured again. Read more about the book here.