The productive wood wizards, Petter and Sigurd from Woodcouture are hosting a quite quirky and unusual event during the food festival “Copenhagen Cooking”.
Woodcouture is quite known for their playful approach to their craftsmanship, and through their work processes, Sigurd and Petter are constantly exploring the borders between astonishing architecture and creative craftsmanship.

If you sneak a peek inside Woodcouture’s workshop, you’ll usually find Petter and Sigurd being very busy with crafting all sorts unique furniture designs, skis and snowboards, art installations and much more. BUT, at the time of writing this, Copenhagen Cooking 2013 is in full swing – and that means CHANGES. Throughout the week, Copenhagen has been turned into a gastronomic playground for cooks and foodies. In this matter, Woodcouture has kindly been invited to cook andhost a kitchen in their usual workshop, combining a carpentry with a kitchen. With this crazy combination of groceries, food and power-tools, we bet that you have about a hundred questions you’d like answered. Are you able to cut potatoes for french fries out by a buzz saw? Would it be possible to use a power drill as a whisker for your sauce?

If you, like us, are very interested in getting some answers and tastings(!), we’d highly suggest that you’d make your way to Woodcouture workshop, on Prags Boulevard 43.
Make this quirky event a part of your weekend-plan, and enjoy a refreshingly experimental approach to cooking, where a playful mind determines the direction of cooking.

The workshop kitchen
12.00 – 18.00 // Saturday 31.8.14 – Sunday 1.9.14
Prags Boulevard 43
2300 Copenhagen S