Good news from our friends from Place de Bleu!

Place de Bleu is a Danish socio-economic project, which produces astonishing home accessories and children’s clothing. The goods from Place de Bleu is crafted and designed by ethnical minority women, offering the minority women in Copenhagen a chance to enter the Danish job market.

With the unique purpose of uniting vibrant, ethnic crafts with classic and clean Scandinavian design, Place de Bleu is gaining quite a lot of attention, and has now teamed up with the Danish department store “Magasin du Nord” situated on Kongens Nytorv.
Place de Bleu has opened a POP-UP shop in Magasin du Nord’s interior department on the 3rd floor. Thus you are right now able to experience Place de Bleu’s unique talent of picking just the right materials, the colours and of course experience the high quality of Place de Bleu’s home accessories!
However, if you’re not in the area of Copenhagen, you can check out our selection, and buy Place de Bleu‘s colorful accessories