This might be old news in the land of movie fanatics, but the Danish movie director Nicholas Winding Refn, has been selected to participate in the main competition of this years Cannes Film Festival, with his latest motion picture “Only God Forgives”.
Denmark actually has quite good traditions of winning the “Palme D’or'” (the highest prized awarded at the Cannes Film Festival), and this year the critics predict quite good chances for another Danish success at the internationally renowned film festival.
With its newly release on DVD/BLUERAY etc., some of you may remember last year’s Cannes Film Festival, when the Danish movie director Thomas Vinterberg gained a lot of recognition and respect for his motion picture “The Hunt”.
On their way to accept “The Hunt”‘s awards in categories like best male actor, the cast and crew were caught on the red carpet. At that event, one of the actors in The Hunt, Susse Wold, was wearing some quite spectacular jewellery from the CPHmade member, the talented goldsmith Mads Heindorf.
See some of the fantastic jewelry in the gallery, and stay tuned for more news about Mads Heindorff Jewellery in the future.