As we’re constantly seeking to broaden our horizon on Copenhagen, we have kept our eyes peeled for writing-talent to enlighten us.
Now we’re ready to introduce you to our newest contributor on the CPHmade blog. Meet Jenny.
Jenny is a 25 year old student, based on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History, and her contributions on the blog will mainly enter on things she find interesting and quirky about Copenhagen.
To start things off, Jenny wrote a piece about one of her favourite places in the city.
Read which place she’s talking about right here, and stay tuned for more contributions by Ms. J. in the near future!

Words by Jenny Sundby 

Ørestaden is a relatively new part of Copenhagen filled with modern architecture, which strives to unite static, physical architecture with an ambition of being a dynamic part of the city too.
The new part of town is still under construction, but slowly the newly created spaces and buildings are becoming a part of Copenhagen’s identity.
One of the buildings I find most interesting is the circle shaped dormitory in the northern part of Ørestaden, Tietgenkollegiet.


This breathtaking work of art has taken Copenhagen by storm, and is now considered one of the most recognizable and popular buildings in the city. Tietgenskollegiet is a seven storey building, which is formed around a large courtyard area, and the eye-catching dormitory is drawn and designed by the architectural firm Lundgaard & Tranberg. Its round, organic shape brings up a feeling of intimacy and solidarity, and should make the dormitory’s residents recognize the feeling of individuality combined with a strong collective feel.

If you live in Copenhagen -or used to, you might feel like you’ve seen this way of building before. The circle shaped dormitory is strongly inspired by the classic way of building apartments in Copenhagen, where you’ll often find several buildings encircles a yard-space, which is disposable for the nearby apartment’s residents to use.
The unique, round shape of this dormitory does not only make this building eye-candy for architecture-geeks, but also makes this an obvious choice for quirky events in the city space. Thus, Tietgenskollegiet’s courtyard area was recently used as a concert venue for the Danish electronica musician Mike Sheridan.
If you find yourself in the area of Amager, Ørestaden and especially Tietgenkollegiet is definitely worth a peek.

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