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In Copenhagen we are well known for our biking culture, and our little capital was actually the first official Bike City in the world. Danes are, in general, well known for their love of cycling, and in Copenhagen we have around 400 kilometers of paths solely for cyclists.
Quite frequently we are visited by people from cities like New York and Beijing seeking to adopt our bicycling culture and green mindset when it comes to transportation in a modern capital.

There’s no such thing like bad weather, only bad clothes

Even though we are still awaiting acceptable temperatures here in Copenhagen some things just won’t change. The cyclists in Copenhagen and their defiance towards bad weather. We bike in every kind of weather, and in Denmark we have an old saying that states: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. To survive in this climate, you simply need something that will keep you and your belongings dry.

One of our members is all about crafting durable accessories that matches the rainy weather we are so often presented to. We’re talking about MultiTaske situated in Copenhagen’s city area Nørrebro. MultiTaske is a socio-economic company that crafts all sorts of bags out of unusable and out-worn bike tubes. All the bike tubes are picked up from local bikeshops on Nørrebro, and are washed, cut and straightened-out by MultiTaske, making the tubes ready for their transformation into durable, elegant and water-resistant bags! Check out our selection of MultiTaske’s bags right here, and learn more about the MultiTaskes crafting-process right here

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