Monamore Design is characterized by its New Nordic Design – sculptural design objects for a modern Nordic lifestyle.

Monamore consists of product designer Lise Damsager Hansen and business partner Helge Hundahl. The company is based in the East of Copenhagen where design and production take place.

New Nordic design

In Scandinavia, summer light and airy, while the winters are long and dark. We spend a lot of time in our homes surround ourselves with products that combine functionality with a love for sculpture and texture, that reflects the nuances of the nature that surrounds us.

Monamore Design continues the traditional Danish design ideals of aesthetics and simple functionalism, with a mixture of shape, expressions, materials and craftsmanship that are inspired by our Nordic surroundings and with a hint of Japanese Zen.

We manufacture products in ceramic, wood and concrete.

Monamore Design I/S
Gustav Adolfs Gade 3,
DK – 2100 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 2758 1238