By Asger D

When companies have a mission beyond just selling we want to share to inspire!

Our newest CPHmade member Ministry of Architecture started and run by CEO Mr. Bo Benzon has set their mission to ‘enrich and in some way change the world and the cities to become more worthwhile dwelling in’.

Now not only is this mission interesting and noteworthy, but it is actually also very clearly being translated into really products from Bo and his team. Take the hippopotamus for instance: It is at the very same time a very colourful hippo and a great book shelf case, or a room divider. In our view this is indeed both enriching and worthwhile.

Same goes for a number of Ministry of Achitecture’s other products like the Battleship board game, the giraffe storage or the coffee tables where you can easily flip the top – depending on which colour you’d prefer today.

Bo’s products are more than just physical and functional – they build bridges to different dimensions and perspectives.

So more great missions from more companies please!