In a world flooded with mass-produced beer Mikkeller stands out with their niche beers. Since Mikkel Borg started the Mikkeller brewery in 2006 he has become world-famous with his range of innovative beers.

Mikkeller’s uncompromising approach has led to being rated among the worlds’ top 50 micro breweries – ahead of more than 5700 other micro breweries around the globe. And Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast has been rated the world’s best stout by the beer site

The success has also led to the opening of three new Mikkeller beer bars in 2013 – San Francisco, Bangkok and Stockholm. In fact, so popular is Mikkeller today that Mikkel himself constantly travels the world to tell about his beers and give lectures on beer innovation.

CPHmade salutes Mikkeller with their success, and we see this as solid proof that craftsmanship matters.

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