Another week has passed in the CPHmade-network, and to keep you updated about our members’ activities we’ve assembled some of the passed week’s highlights in Member News Monday.

• The jewellery designer Karina Hunnerup is ready with a new astonishing piece of jewellery. HUNN Jewellery just launched the Shell Ring crafted in 18ct gold, which matches quite well with all the sun we’ve been blessed with lately. Pay Hunn Jewellery a visit in Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 10 in Copenhagen’s inner city area, and see the astonishing SHELL ring with your own eyes.

• The hardworking brewers from Nørrebro Bryghus just finished up on a new, bone-dry version of the pale ale called TØRSTIG. To our non-danish readers TØRSTIG means THIRSTY, and on their location on Ryesgade 3, Nørrebro Bryghus is now ready to serve you a chilled glass of the refreshing TØRSTIG, straight from the tap.

• More news about beer. Mikkeller just added a new variant to their “Beer Geek” project, offering you the chance of quenching your thirst with a Vanilla Milkshake inspired oatmeal stout.
A strong vanilla flavor as an ingredient in beer may sound like an odd combination, however we hear that the result is delightful and refreshing.
You can buy Mikkeller’s Vanilla Shake in their webshop now.

• NEW Member to the CPHmade Network.
In our search for new members to the CPHmade network, we recently came across a relatively new interior design company called Virkvärftet.
Virkvärftet crafts quirky and cool accessories for the home, in a style that’s easily recognized.
The products from Virkvärftet are made from a laser cutter, and assembled by human hand.
We’re pleased to inform you that Virkvärftet is now a part of the CPHmade network. Stay tuned for more news about Virkvärftet in the future.