Meet goldsmiths from the CPHmade network!
When? 1st of December – 16.00-18.00.
Where? CPHmade SHOP in the Tivoli Garden (just opposite to “Glassalen”)

If you haven’t payed us a visit in our CPHmade SHOP in Tivoli yet, may we suggest you popped your head in at Tivoli the 1st Sunday in December, where we have kindly asked three of the very best goldsmiths in Copenhagen to come and enlighten us in their work.  From 16.00 – 18.00, the three goldsmiths will throughly introduce you to their designs, and the ideas behind. So swing by this event, and have any questions you might have to the goldsmiths answered!

The goldsmiths you can meet are: Mette Nordby Thomsen, Mads Heindorf and Tine Lindhard.

Mette Nordy Thomsen is a talented goldsmith, who works with a wide selection of materials in her production of astonishing jewelry. Expect materials like lace, wood, gems, plastic, diamonds, gold and silver coming to life in simple, yet complex pieces of jewelry.

"Moon Rabbit" - Oxidized silver ring by Mette Nordby Thomsen.

“Moon Rabbit” – Oxidized silver ring by Mette Nordby Thomsen.

Mads Heindorf is the alchemist of today. Mr. Heindorf masters the very noble art of transforming precious memories into fantastic jewelry. A piece of jewelry by Mads Heindorf is a handmade symbol of what is most important to the individual. To emphasize the individuality in his jewelry, Mr. Heindorf’s is well-known for melting down customer’s own old gold and silver and turning them into new pieces of jewelry. We highly doubt that it gets more personal than that!

Angel necklace  by Mads Heindorf

Angel necklace by Mads Heindorf

– Tine Lindhard is the name of very skillful goldsmith. Tine Lindhard’s designs are characterized by having a specific functional purpose as well as being elegant. The functionality enables the customer to apply the jewellery in different ways, which makes the jewellery more than just a decorating piece; it becomes a personal statement.

Petal Ring by Tine Lindhard

Petal Ring by Tine Lindhard

Needless to say, the three goldsmiths are of course based in Copenhagen! So make sure to pay us a visit, and support local craftsmanship!