Mads Heindorff is a young, talented goldsmith with a keen eye on high-end jewellery.
Having always had strong fascination for precious stones and metals, Mr. Heindorf started off his career as a goldsmith at a way early age.

With a strong will to learn and an obvious talent for business, Mr. Heindorff, at the age of only 17, decided to buy a jewellery shop in his old home town.
He hired a skilled and experienced goldsmith, who had a keen eye on solid and creative craftsmanship. Thus Mr. Heindorff became an apprentice in his own shop, giving him a unique chance of developing as a goldsmith within his own brand.

Mads Heindorff has now moved his business to Copenhagen, and from his charming (work)shop located in the inner city area, Mr. Heindorff crafts and designs his very own collections. He seeks to combine discrete details, with rough and intriguing surfaces in his jewelry, offering his customers unique pieces of jewelry, which visually balances perfect between delicate and raw.

Mr. Heindorf’s skills and talent has led him to work for prominent people, and among other stars and celebrities, Mr. Heindorf has designed and crafted jewellery for Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary.

Mads Heindorf Jewellery
Gothersgade 105
DK – 1123 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 2020 2191