CPHmade is a network of craftsmen producing some of the finest quality products of Denmark. Made in Scandinavia is not just a trademark of quality but also a promise if passion for the craft. This can easily be seen in the many unique products you can find in the Made in Denmark Shop, and here in our very own Made in Copenhagen webshop. CPHmade is proud to present you with these ranges of amazing products.

Unique Gifts – Made in Denmark

Some times a gift is not just a gift, sometimes it needs to be not just nice, but unique. Some thing special for someone special. That is exactly what is made in Denmark, and what we stand for in CPHmade. The craftsmen in our network are hand-picked because they are amongst the best at their craft, and because they all possess the trait of creating unique products, with passion love and authenticity.

True Craftsmanship – Exclusive Products

In CPHmade we believe that  commodity manufactured in Denmark is not just a matter of taste, but a matter of nationality. It is a question of saying no to mass production and yes to the things that stand out, we believe in personality rather than uniformity. If you see the craftsmen of CPHmade, when they are working, you can not help but be charmed and carried away. It is people who live for their craft, people with an eye for the details, and affection for quality materials.  Not only are these people skilled and gifted, they are also the core of a country’s personality and culture. In their products they shape the very culture; they make firm what others can only talk and feel.

Made in Scandinavia – More than a product

And it is not only Denmark, it is all of Scandinavia. It is a shared love for producing something that you will not just use and throw away, but something you will keep dear to you for the rest of your life. Because it is made with passion. Because it is Made in Scandinavia.

made in denmark

Made in Denmark