Leather Projects is founded from a passion. A passion for history, great craftsmanship and premium materials. The whole project started off with a search for the perfect wallet. The founder of Leather Projects, Mr. Jeppe Dencker, was in need of a new wallet – and was not able to find one that matched his expectations of quality and looks. Thus, Mr. Dencker decided to craft his own, and the results were quite impressive. Soon he had friends, friend’s friends and family queuing up. They all wanted a piece of Mr. Dencker’s Leather Projects.

A lot of happened since then, but the mainstay is still the same. A constant strive for the perfect product. This particular mainstay is also the main reason why every product from Leather Projects is cut and sewn by hand, in our workshop in Copenhagen.

Leather Projects
Nansensgade 7
DK – 1366 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 3118 4942
Mail: kontakt@leatherprojects.com