Karina Hunnerup HUNN jewelry

Jewelry designer, Karina Hunnerup has defined a very individual and outstanding style of her jewelry, letting her inspiration take care of the process of shaping her creations.  It is one peculiar muse she found there and she says that she got very inspired by trash and useless, left-out objects, which don’t have any expressed beauty in them.

Karina’s style is simple and clean, yet very distinct and with a sense of beauty that draws our attention towards her jewelry. She creates with passion and joy, and you can clearly notice that in the delicacy and fine expression of her design.

Recently, Art District has made an interview where Karina is talking about her inspiration and the way her style is influenced by it. You can find the video below. Also, you can see a very interesting process of the creation of two wedding rings here.

[vimeovideo url=55784659]