Jewellery designer and owner Karina Hunnerup

In a poetic world precious metal is being tranformed into jewellery of a graphic and light expression. The jewellery is hand-made, the material is being refined, and it is achieved to obtain a perfect shape. At the same time there is room for inequalitites and unpretentious meetings between precious metal and everyday negleced objects.

The simplicity of the HUNN jewellery enhances the natural beauty of women, and the use of surprising material, the stories behind, and forms add a twist to the personal expression. HUNN jewellery is inspired from everyday objects, garbage, nature´s forms, shadows and play on words.

The jewellery is made out of love for the material and its potential, beauty and poetry come to life in the preparing of silver, gold, leather, textiles, and other raw material. When the forms have found their place in a piece of jewellery, I attempt to maintain the flow of the movement from the fashioning. Therefore the jewellery has a lightness and also a frozen expression.

I opened the HUNN boutique in 2010 in Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 10 in the heart of old Copenhagen. This is also where the jewellery is made.

In the boutique you can explore the world of the beautiful HUNN jewellery. The various pieces can be seen, touched and tried on. At the same time you can observe, how the jewellery is being made, hear about its story, see the raw material and talk with me about my work.

HUNN boutique
Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 10
Dk – 1173 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 6138 2583