Karamelleriet –Copenhagen Caramels

Karamelleriet is the result of Charlotte Vigel and Tina Ipsen entrepreneurship. The two girls always wanted to do business together, and with a common passion for sweets and candy they decided to start on crafting caramels.
Today Karamelleriet represented in different kinds of  Denmark like Bornholm and on Falster, but naturally also inCopenhagen.
The little shop offers hand-made caramels of the best quality. The caramels are crafted from old traditions and methods, and are produced in a wide selection of taste varieties. You can choose from caramels like peanut crunch, soft fudge, hard caramel called ‘rocks’, fruit caramels and toffies.
To find this one-of-a-kind store, follow the delicious aroma of caramel all the way to the newly revived Jægersborggade in the city area Nørrebro,

Jægersborggade 36
Dk – 2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 7023 7777