Modern Furniture from Copenhagen

Jonas Herman Pedersen is a Danish furniture designer based in Copenhagen. He graduated as an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2010, and has a big passion for crafting items that serves it’s purpose within the four walls of a room.  This passion basically centres on creating everything you’re able to fit in a room, i.e. furniture, lamps etc.

In design processes Jonas Herman Pedersen mainly works from an aesthetical point of view, but also honours good craftsmanship, and the optimal use of materials in a design process.

Sustainable Furniture by Jonas Herman P

For Jonas’ final project as a student he designed a series of furniture the, “MISKITO” series. The furniture series were to be crafted at a local workshop in Nicaragua from a sustainable point of view.  This particular project defines Jonas Herman Pedersen as modern furniture designer that indeed cares about sustainable furniture design.

The focus on sustainability is not only present in the production process, but also when it comes to deciding on materials in a certain project. It is absolutely key that the materials are durable and able to last several years ahead.

Besides working on his own brand JonasHermanP, Jonas’ designs has been distributed through renowned companies such as TripTrap and Bolia.

Jonas Herman Pedersen
Værkstedvej 25
DK – 2500 Valby
Tel: +45 2622 2154