Ms Lone Løvschal talking to CPHmade:

Designer and silversmith Lone Løvschal has developed a new series of fine jewelry for children and she has chosen to call the series MuMu-Land. The series consists of a number of small pendants that are shaped like animals. The animals can be used in a chain around the neck or in a colourful string around the wrist and so you can always have their pets with them.

‘My idea behind the creation of MuMu-land was to explore how little you want to add a stylish geometric shape so that it becomes recognizable and takes on the character. A muzzle and a pair of ears is enough for us to recognize the rabbit, dog, cat or any of the other lovable animals jewelry series comprises’, says Lone Løvschal about the making of MuMu-Land.

MuMu-Land is named after Lemuria or Mu who according to myth is a lost civilization in which people lived in harmonious peace with each other. MuMu-Land caters mainly for children, but adults, too, are delighted with the delicious line of jewelry. The jewelry comes in many different designs and sizes and the universe will continue to be expanded with new products.

The luxury jewelry in MuMu-Land series is manufactured in Denmark and contains no allergenic metals. The rabbit NiNi, cat LuLu, the bird KiKi, the dog NaNa and the cow MuMu is the beginning of the universe dedicated to the cute animals and their different personalities.

‘It has been great to make a unified concept where all elements and designs are well thought out and coordinated. And it’s been really fun to create characters and give them life and properties and get them to play together. I’ve put all my energy into making the characters soul and charm and hope they will be well received – and that others may recognize my enthusiasm in the products,’, says the Lone.

Despite the extensive work of the universe around small animals, it is still the quality is paramount and the lack of good children’s jewelry has been a big part of the driving force behind the project. ‘The stylish and thoughtful design, and in particular the quality of the finished product has always been the most important for me. All figures are cast in pure sterling silver and 18 karat gold and finally processed by hand. Some designs are made only in limited editions, some even only in one copy, so you have to check the site regularly’, concludes Lone Løvschal.