Ebay meets CPHmade!

The month of May turns out to be quite a busy month for us at CPHmade.
As you may recall, we recently launched CPHmade Guided Tours, and we also initiated a FACEBOOK CONTEST to celebrate 600 likes on Facebook.

To make our business even more busy, we just launched a new initiative on the CPHmade blog: CPHmade Monthly Auctions.
We have started off series a monthly auctions where you can grab yourselves a bargain on different kinds of products crafted in Copenhagen.
This month we are offering you the chance of getting a pair of superbly designed bike pedals from the legendary bike manufacturer Søren Sögreni.
The pedals are absolutely ideal for spicing up your bike for the spring season!
Like all products from Sögreni, these bike pedals are crafted by hand in the highest quality possible.
The pedals are crafted from the finest copper and solid steel, which makes this construction extremely durable and basically superior to rust.
With a starting bid as low as 8$, you should stop by our online auction on Ebay, and stay tuned for more Copenhagen produced goods to be auctioned off the forthcoming months.