Summer is out there. No news on that level. You’ve already spent hours and hours working on your tan, bathing in Copenhagen’s many beach facilities, eating ice cream and grilling every meal of the day. What do you next? Is the summer over when you’ve done all these things repeatedly? Of course it isn’t, but you might need inspiration and alternative to-do’s to continue on the path of a pleasant holiday. So why not try something new?

You may recall that we did a variation of our CPHmade Guided Tours, the CPHmade DAILY GUIDED Tour.

We have worked hard to distribute the existence of the CPHmade DAILY Guided Tour, and today we’re absolutely pleased to inform you guys that we’ve made collaborations with some of the finest and most renowned hotels in Copenhagen.
From this day on, you’ll be able to buy tickets for a CPHmade DAILY Guided Tour in the following hotels:

Tivoli Hotel

Hotel D’angleterre

Admiral Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotels

Hotel FOX

Hotel Nimb

Hotel Sankt Petri

Hotel Danmark

Look for our informative flyer in these hotel’s reception desks, buy your ticket and meet us the following day on Nytorv 3 for an exciting and different narrative of Copenhagen.
If you don’t find yourself in the Copenhagen area to pick up a ticket, have a peak in our WEBSHOP. We’re looking forward to seeing you!