WEBSHOP News: Our good friends from the honey harvesting socio-economic project Bybi is soon to be found on the shelves of our virtual shop.
Ever since their start in 2010 Bybi [translates City bee] have brought millions of honeybees to Copenhagen. The bees live on the roof tops of iconic buildings and businesses around town, where they are looked after by long term unemployed, formerly homeless and refugees.
The project is a social enterprise, where all profits are re-invested in social and environmental activities, and Bybi’s products are based on the highest quality of honey.
As it turns out, every part of the city has a slightly different taste to it because of the different vegetations in the city.

Even though the honeys is produced in a large city like Copenhagen, urban honey is a 100 % natural product. No pesticides, no GM, no unnatural treatment of the bees, and unaffected by air pollution.
Bybi has now started a production of interesting products, where the great tasting honey is the hero, including honey brewed beer and delicious honey hard candy!
Stay tuned, and make sure to look for Bybi products in our CPHmade webshop in the nearest future!