Happy easter to everyone!

Here is some stuff that we, at CPHmade, would like to find in our easter eggs! Happy egg-hunt!

1. Round Juggling Hat by Andersen & Berner
2. Felted Cap by Andersen & Berner
3. Candle sticks with brass (SET OF 3) by Monomade
4. Milk and Sugar set by Ditte Fischer
5. Alexandria RING by P. Hertz
6. The amazing CLOUD table by Ask Emil
7. Earrings by Ditte Fischer
8. Amazing chocolate by RO Chokolade
9. Etiquette Bottle by Tina Maria Bentsen
10. Hard Candy by Sømod’s Bolcher
11. Wooden Candle Sticks by Monomade
12. Colorful Cushion by Place de Bleu
13. Award winning chocolate by OIALLA