Bubbles are not only for new years eve.  Jeweler Lone Løvschal blows little bubbles for these gorgeous rings made in Copenhagen..

Løvshal handcrafted bubbles - CPHmade -made in DenmarkAlthough Løvschal is content with her path of work with metals she always dreamed of being a glassblower. So when she had the chance to try working with this other shiny but transparent material – she did. Practicing blowing tiny bubbles of vibrant and colorful glass in her workshop ended out as a poetic ring with a humorous twist. ‘In case of emergency – break the glass’ is the name of the rings that has a little diamond in the silver or gold ring with a protective bubble around it. Lone Løvschal is not mass producing her designs. As a customer she welcomes you to take part in the creating process choosing the materials and color to make it fit just right. She works with every piece with a respect for the material and the work process itself. That is the essence of what handcrafting is all about. Creating something unique that will last.. at least until a case of emergency!