Griffen Shop – A Holy Trinity

In the very heart of Copenhagen’s vibrant city area, Nørrebro, you’ll find a small interior design shop called Griffen Shop.
Griffen Shop is based on a unique concept, where the shop is an extension of Griffen Studios and Griffen Workshop, where the furniture is designed and produced. The combination of design studio, workshop and store gives Griffen Shop the opportunity of designing, producing and selling products at the same place. This particular trinity provides Griffen Shop’s customers, with the possibility to custom-made their products.

Custom-made interior designs, at IKEA-prices

The architect Lotte Nørregaard runs the little shop on Griffenfeldsgade 22, and in the shop you’ll find her designs within interior design. However, Griffen Shop’s real talent lies within distributing custom-made interior, at reasonable prices.
To help Griffen Shop on delivering custom-made interior designs, the little shop teamed up with a very powerful tool called a CNC-cutter (Computer Numerical Control). The CNC-cutter is basically a cutter that allows you to transform digital drawing material into regular objects.
Instead of printing on regular paper, the machine cuts out the drawings directly on the material you want. The cut-outs are very, very accurate, and that actually just leaves you with assembling your design. This process saves you from going to an actual carpenter, and that certainly affects the price. Griffen Shop seeks to craft unique, custom-made interior design that’s actually able to compete price-wise with the mass-produced furniture from IKEA.

Sustainable interior design by Griffen Shop

The “trinity” concept that lies within Griffen Shop simplifies logistics and costs. Griffen Shop does not use storage, transportation and packaging. Therefore Griffen Shop can compete with mass production rates and significantly reduce the CO2 footprint.

Griffen Shops designs are using materials from a single source that helps reducing the delivery time. The material is primarily birch plywood from FSC-certified forests.

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Griffen Shop
Griffenfeldsgade 22
DK – 2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 2652 1195

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