Now last year we launched our CPHmade Guided Tours – all 20+ different tours are walking tours and we will keep on walking this year as well. No change!

But we now also offer a CPHmade Guided Tour on bicycles. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May-August you have the chance to join a 2-hour ride around the city.

All you have to do is to show up by 10.00am latest at our member Sögreni Bikes in central Copenhagen. Sögreni will get your rental bike ready and CPHmade will then take you for a spin around the city. Whilst we are still about craftsmanship, this tour will also introduce you to a few of the city-s more traditional sights. So if you want a bit of everything, this is your tour.

Ticket price, incl rental bike is 40 Euros – or 299,00 kroner.Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 16.30.58