We never get tired of people helping each other out, in fact that’s one of the main reasons why we founded CPHmade. So naturally, we were pleased to learn about two CPHmade members helping each other out.

Our good friend from Plain Crafts, Søren Ulrich has just finished up on building the new interior for one of Copenhagen’s most popular cafés; The Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade.
You can already see furniture by Plain Crafts, such as tables and stools at Coffee Collective’s café on Godthåbsvej, and now you can also find the creations of Søren Ulrich’s creations at the Coffee Collective’s cosy café in Jægersborggade. From what the photos reveals, you’re in for a treat. Go check it out for yourself, and get one of the best cups of coffee’s in Copenhagen.
The new, improved and updated café re-opened on the 8th of March.

Photos via Plain Crafts Instagram