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Words by Ms. Jenny Sundsby
If you ever find your way to Copenhagen’s “Bryggebro”, the first thing you’ll see is probably the a 42 meters high grain silo that adorn the harbour of Amager, the Gemini Residence. It’s a dynamic building with very appealing forms. The building’s expression is clean and simple but the symmetry, shape and material gives a certain depth and variety. This very variation offers a delicate balance between the industrial and the organic look- but the great round shape on the empty area brings up a solitary feeling.
Gemini Residence is a great example of Copenhagen’s practical yet beautiful use of the industrial buildings in the harbour today.

Gemini R, faerdig, 1

The grain silo was once a part of the Soybean Cake Factory and was built for storage of grain and seed.
It was originally built in 1963 but was rebuilt in the period 2002-2005 and is now an eight-storey building with 84 apartments named the Gemini Residence. The apartments were applied to the outside of the silos, so the finished building look likes a figure eight from above.


Gemini Residence is designed by the Danish architectural firm and the Dutch based firm JJW from the Netherlands, and the building has quickly become a part of Copenhagen’s history and identity as a modern-architectural oriented city. The combination of the old and new presents us with an interesting and simple appearance, which makes the observer wanting to explore and feel the materiality of the building.

The apartments are located on the outside of the two concrete cylinders.
By building the apartments “around” the cylinders, new advantages to the building emerge which – by having glass walls and a wide balcony – provides the utmost view of the harbour and the city.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience this gem of a building, I would strongly recommend that you took the time to experience this fantastic building!