For Holding Up The Trousers offers belts and suspenders handmade with quality materials. The inspiration comes mainly from old pictures and movies that showcase the late 19th century Americana. Rough craftsmanship is emphasized in order to deliver a hardwearing and honest product that will last you a long time. The materials used are sourced from suppliers who are known to deliver quality components. For Holding Up The Trousers’ products comes in heavy cardboard boxes and accompanied by ceramic buttons, all of which is handmade in Denmark.

The belts and suspenders are marked with the number 3715. The number is stamped with a device that was left behind at the farm I grew up on in the most western part of Denmark. 3715 was the number used to mark the pigs before they were sent off to the slaughterhouse. Now it’s used on the cows, in belt and suspender form.

For Holding Up The Trousers
Uplandsgade 72
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 2264 9091