Some months back I wrote a piece that put much needed focus on the importance of protecting local production, the local heroes.

One way of doing so is making sure that these local makers are linked to a description that embrace everything that we are known for – We call that the Scandinavian legacy. Through generations our legacy and heritage has been build in a very strong way by people and brands that boldly stuck out their neck to make it on an international level. It turned out that their ability, creativity and motivation are still going strong, even after most of them have passed away.

2012-05-12_Eentileen-Print-House-Project_02Their passion and dedication was long ago embraced by hundreds of millions of people who turned to these artisans and brands for new inspiration and much more. They managed to build strong International brands started from a small, fragile platform. With these strong brands a new strong mutual platform emerged with extraordinary International influence. The kind of influence that since has left craftsmen and artisans with positive momentum long before they have managed to build a brand for themselves on International level. Today ‘Made in Scandinavia‘ is one of the strongest regional brand positions at international level.

This is a given platform for every new concept, brand and product that is made up here – and it comes absolutely free of charge. It would be a big mistake not to build from this strong position. Simply because consumers seem to be buying into origin and heritage.

What has happened to this Scandinavian influence over the years? Has it gone stronger? One could argue that ever since quality in general terms has been reduced and the true Scandinavian style more or less has been devalued – the eagerness to buy into the Scandinavian style would decrease as well – but this is not the case, in fact just the opposite!

More than 100 mill. people a year are looking for inspiration from us in the Scandinavian countries. The interest is still developing both in new and old categories. Why is that, when it’s documented that passion and dedication normally turns into other motivators?

From a consumer perspective the Scandinavian level of WOW is still worth striving fore. Scandinavian business are admired for skills in craftsmanship and creativity beyond competition, and of course for the ever so important distinct design element – minimalism.

But will these equities live on? Only if we support our local passionate craftsmen and artisans – and it doesn’t matter whether they are situated in Copenhagen or anywhere else in the Scandinavia. The strongest brands and craftsmen will come through and hereby support and retain the the Scandinavian heritage and legacy.

You can vote to support this prediction by making your next purchase – if not a Copenhagen one then at least a Scandinavian one!