Our dear member, the goldsmith duo Emquies-Holstein is featured in this issue month’s issue of Costume Magazine!

From their charming goldsmith studio in the heart of Copenhagen, the designers Diana Holstein and Hanan Emquies make personal, contemporary handcrafted jewelry with  a keen eye on tradition.
The creative duo is driven by a passion for individual storytelling, unique design and uncompromising craftsmanship, which just in a few years has turned the astonishing jewelry by Emquies-Holstein into acclaimed conversation pieces. The Danish press are keeping their eyes on the talented duo, and THIS month the Danish fashion magazine Costume featured the pendant from Emquies-Holstein’s collection “WHOLE”. The pendant consists of a silver chain and a ring made from 18k gold.

The “Whole Collection” from Emquies-Holstein centres on the thoughts of Albert Einstein, stating that we are all part of a bigger whole with a mutual responsibility towards each other. In a highly poetic, yet very simple and minimalistic design the Whole Collection encourages us to think holistically, since we are all part of the same organism. As the collection’s English name “Whole” suggests, every piece of jewellery is designed with round circular shapes in mind to symbolize the unique whole of all things in life. A universal message with global sympathy.