GREAT news from our dear members Monomade and Emquies-Holstein!

The two members from CPHmade have been selected to participate in TRAPHOLT’s annual Whitsunday Market! Emquies-Holstein and Monomade has been handpicked to participate in the Whitsunday Market, alongside with 36 of the very best craftsmen in Denmark.
With architectonic finesse, the two architects Kira Snowman and Uffe Topsøe-Jensen crafts beautiful home accessories by hand, and the results are simple geometric shapes crafted in exquisite materials. Monomade promise you all that they will bring a wide selection their eye-catching collection to the Market!

As if one CPHmade member represented at Trapholt’s Witsunday Market was not enough, we are proud to inform you that you are also able experience the exquisite jewellery from Emquies-Holstein at the market.
The dynamic goldsmith duo has gained quite a lot of attention the last couple of months for their edgy jewellery designs. The hardworking goldsmiths are driven by a passion for individual storytelling, unique design and uncompromising craftsmanship, which just in a few years has turned the astonishing jewelry by Emquies-Holstein into acclaimed conversation pieces. Go see for yourselves at the Trapholt Whitsunday Market.

The Whitsunday Market takes place on the 19th and 20th of May, in Trapholt – Museum of Modern Art. Trapholt is one of the largest and most popular museums in Denmark outside of Copenhagen.
Situated in the south of Jutland with an astonishing view of Kolding Fjord, Trapholt first opened the doors back in 1998. Ever since, Trapholt has been acknowledged by its astonishing and contemporary collection of modern art, design and furniture design.
If you find yourselves in this area, make sure to swing by Trapholt for a celebration of craftsmanship!

Trapholt’s Whitsunday Market
Æblehaven 6

19th & 20th of May
Admission: FREE