Emdal Colorknit is all about ‘modern analog textile-craft’. We love to work with all parts of the product-proces inhouse, and we have no intentions of outsourcing. We even wish to expand our cph-knitting-factory with more machines in the upcoming years.

Staying true to a romantic idea of old crafts-man-ship.

Emdal has the great unique option to produce limited editions in our small Cph-factory. We make all of the knitted fabrics inhouse with an old-school industrial knitting- machine from 1984’. The stitching is all made by ‘cut n sew’. Old fashioned, but still, with fresh young eyes.

Emdal wishes to give you the best & softest knitted experience forever & ever.


Ved Amagerbanen 25, st. tv.
Dk – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 6165 0925