Our member Sögreni Bikes is really experiencing how spring equals a need for a new bicycle to enjoy the weather in.

Many Copenhageners’ may recognize Sögreni bikes on the cycle paths. The bikes from Sögreni are classic and simple, and only the best materials are used in the process. Sögreni offers a 25-year warranty on the bike frames used in the bike designs, and this particular detail states Sögreni as a bike designer that’s really all about the quality.
The rumour of the recognizable and durable design has spread to a lot of different cities around the world, and now Sögreni Bikes are ready to ship a Sögreni Classic to Stockholm in Sweden, and a Young Shatterhand to Freiburg in Germany.

Is your bike ready for spring?

If you’re in need of accessories for your bike, make sure to check out our selection of Sögreni accessories. We offer the beautiful Sögreni Bell, astonishing bike lights and durable bike pedals and much more.