Pernille Elsass says:

My ambition with Elsass Jewelry is to create exclusive designs for modern women and men. As a goldsmith am I doing all the work by hand and using craft a strong tradition of building quality jewelry which combines classic elegance with Scandinavian minimalism.

The inspiration for many of my jewelry comes from my fascination with the moon’s incredible expressions and forms. Even as I was a child I found the moon exciting and great to study. The great variations from crisp, white, circular shapes in the dark night sky, the deep orange, sensuous forms. The different sides of the moon during the year has given my a lot inspiration – both as a person and as a goldsmith.

Often I choose the understated detail of the jewelry must be especially evident to the one who wears the jewelry. It helps to strengthen the customer’s personal relationship with his jewelry.

I work primarily in gold and diamonds and silver. Neither the materials or processing, I am sacrificing quality. This means that the jewelery can be used in daily life, for life.

Pernille Elsass
Tel.: +45 5190 6929